Tuesday, December 1, 2015

What is C Factor?

Cassius in "The Tragedy of Julius Caesar" is still alive. He continues to live through different individuals encouraging the conspirators.  The aim may not be Julius Caesar, but the factors similar to Julius Caesar. Here, Julius Caesar becomes an entity that claims a progress day by day, and the progress is supported by a group or a community.  This group or community feels that the progress of the above-said entity is their progress too. According to the critics, Cassius tried to persuade Brutus to be the leader of conspirators due to his jealous on Caesar and his growth.  It can be also considered as his fear to be under the rule of caesar. However, his persuasion methods included (not limited to) intervening the perception of Brutus and conspirators
1. Motivating them to perceive that Caesar is trying to become the centre of power
2. Motivating them to perceive that Caesar is developing to be a barrier to the Republican nature of Rome
3. Motivating them to perceive that Caesar is too weak to be an eligible ruler of Rome
4. Motivating them to perceive that Rome will lose with Caesar
I feel to call these 4 persuasive elements to be the ingredients of a factor, from here onwards will be termed as "C-Factor".
Thus, modifying the first sentence of the present write-up, it is not the Cassius, but the C-Factor that is still alive through different individuals.
Consequently, the C-Factor will be capable of bringing an impact on the B (Brutus) Factor in the individuals who will be exposed to the C- Factor. The dimensions of the B-Factor include (but not limited to)
1. Self-efficacy to be a leader
2. High perceived Social Support
3. High group/community affiliation
4. Modesty
5. Unrealistic optimism
6. Identity confusion
Dimension 5 and 6, which are dangerous may lead the individuals with B-Factor to be blind regarding the A (Antony) Factor, even though the individuals with C factor is giving warning messages.  Due to this, the final output of the C-Factor could be chaos.
C-Factor is, thus, the factor adopted by the individuals during an act of persuasion.  The factor has the capacity to inspire neutral individuals and transform them as activists.  It can motivate them to work for a purpose which has an association with the destruction.  The final impact of C-Factor of persuasion may be chaos.

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